Tissue Donation

Archived Tissue Donation

Once you or your child are enrolled in the TRRI Registry, the Registry coordinator will reach out to your treating institution(s) to inquire about archived tissue availability. If you are not enrolled in the Registry, and are interested in joining, please contact us at 844-722-8774 (Option 2) or TRRI@cchmc.org.

Fresh Tissue Donation

In order to develop tumor models, researchers need viable tissue to work with in their labs. The tumor models developed are a vital component to developing potential therapeutic agents to treat TFE Renal Cell Carcinoma. If you are interested in donating fresh tumor tissue to the Registry, please follow the steps below.

How to donate your tissue to the TRRI Registry

  1. Enroll on the Registry (see above)
  2. Contact the registry at 844-722-8774 (Option 2) or TRRI@cchmc.org
    and provide the following information:
    1. Name of hospital or place of procedure (biopsy or surgery)
    2. Name of surgeon and/or primary oncologist
    3. Date of planned procedure
  3. Registry staff will promptly follow up with you if further information is needed, and then coordinate proper collection and shipment of samples.