TRRI: TFE RCC Research Initiatives

The TFE Renal Cell Carcinoma Research Initiatives is composed of physicians and researchers across the world working collaboratively to gather data and biological samples from patients. The aim of this consortium is to gain a better understanding of TFE renal cell carcinomas (TFE RCC or tRCC), and develop better treatment options and outcomes for patients everywhere.

Our Goals:

  1. Registry: By filling a critical gap and prospectively collecting data from both pediatric and adult patient populations, we will be better able to characterize clinical behavior and treatment for patients with TFE RCC.
  2. Tumor Model Development: Tumor models are an excellent tool used to study the causes of cancers and an instrumental tool in testing new drugs
  3. Drug Discovery: Through the use of drug screens with developed tumor models, and investigation into the biology of TFE RCC, the TRRI consortium is invested in identifying novel drug therapies for patients with TFE RCC.